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Here is the release process for Browser Chooser 2


  • Create release information in CodePlex
  • Set to Private
  • Upload BC2.exe
  • Save link to uploaded BC2 executable

VM Based testing

  • Using all available VMs at (using only one host platform and tool) - start from a fresh snapshot
    • Note: Windows XP may require .net 3.5 to get installed
    • Copy over BC2 executable, no other files
    • First run (no config)
      • Define IE as a browser
    • Make default browser as per current OS requirements:
      • Add to default programs list / SPAD
      • Using default programs list / SPAD, make BC2 default program
      • Win8+ activate via pop-up
  • Create other browsers:
    • FF
    • Chrome
    • Opera
    • Safari
  • Create auto-urls
    • Have some with delay
    • Also test default settings for delay
    • Launch different Browsers with different URLs
    • Use Vb.NET like statement in auto-url
    • Test Local Domain (i.e. not a FQDN such as internal/data.php)
    • test short-url (and missing / bad short urls)

All tests completed, no bugs found

Release the product as per this process:
  • Update file PublicResources/PublicVersion.txt to have new version code and download URL; also include release page details
  • Set release to public.
  • Commit changed files.

NOTE: This document is a work in progress and is incomplete. It does yet test every available option.

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