This project has moved. For the latest updates, please go here.
This page will serve as a roadmap to release of Browser Chooser 2

Alpha 1

  • Update Names and Contributors to differentiate between original and BC2
  • Convert 'On on goto' to correct Try Catch blocks (I know they are slower but more robust).
  • Fix file names and class name to proper names and casing (on going)
  • Add flexible first screen

Alpha 2

  • Enable default browser settings
  • Enable short url lookup
  • Enable auto-update - latest version is populated in the source files, publicly available
  • Enable / detect / migrate / default to portable mode
  • Update links to BC2

Alpha 3

  • Enable dynamic protocol and filetype (Per conversation in 930
  • Complete windows 8+ support
  • Extract icons from EXEs
  • UI cleanup

Beta 1

See Beta 1 To-Do List for what is in Beta 1

Post Release

  • Add option to download known browsers instead of limited built-in list

This will be expanded as the source code is explored and refactored.

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