This project has moved and is read-only. For the latest updates, please go here.

Known Issues from Alpha 3:

  • Disable configuration not found message (Done)
  • Auto save new / updated configuration files (Done)
  • Add Orera, Safari, Vivaldi and dev editions to browser detection mode (Done)
  • Pressing enter on a browser icons does not trigger action (Done)
  • Make sure launched applications are top most (Disabled, caused problems)
  • Editing of auto-urls is incorrect (Done)
  • When auto-url is on and url is blank, should present app screen, not quit (Done)
  • Fix ugly display of transparent checkboxes (Done - Needs testing)
  • Move the dash ("-") from being hard-coded and move it to the title settings (Done)
  • Allow option, per browser to scale icons (Done)
  • Validate that portable activates and deactivates properly and all features work
  • Not all add/edit forms validate their contents

New Features:

  • Add Detect Browsers to add remove screen (Done)
  • Add non-admin installations to browser detection (Done)
  • Make the arrow keys navigate list of icons (Done)
  • Allow to re-order the auto-urls list since it is processed in order top-to-bottom (done)
  • A11Y: Detect present of screen reader and disable the non-compatible display of check boxes (overridable via settings) (done - runs once)
  • A11Y: allow to hide the focus indicator (done)
  • A11Y: allow to disable the non-compatible display of checkboxes (done)

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