Browser Chooser 2 is a small tool acting as the default browser allowing you to choose what browser or other tool to open any given link in.

It is a fork from the original Browser Chooser which as of 2013 appears unmaintained. It gives you the flexibility to choose what browser to use for any given task. It is developed in VB.Net.


You can contact me on Twitter at @gmyxgpws

BC2 Main screen.png
Default view of Browser Chooser 2

Alpha 3 released March 13th 2015!

After a year of work, alpha 3 has finally been released.

Current Release

Alpha 3 - March 15th, 2015

Alpha 3 was released on March 13th 2015. New features include:
  • BC2 now extracts icon from exes, instead of using resources
  • When no settings file exists, detect presence of browsers to build initial list.
    • Note that the list is integrated into BC2, however it does connect to the Internet to download an update.
  • Added a new field to browser definition to support command line arguments
  • Added a copy to clipboard function to the main screen
  • Support for extra protocols and file types (Advanced View)
  • Support for Windows 8+ (Not tested on 10)
  • UI has been cleaned up. New focus indicator
  • A new advanced mode to keep the UI simple
    • Protocols and File Types are in Advanced
    • Categories appears only in advanced

Upcoming Releases

Beta 1 - TBD

This release will be mostly a bug fix only release. I expect 2 betas before a final first release. See Beta 1 To-Do List for more information

Project Goals

  • Allow as many choices as the user wants (ex. 10 browsers arranged in a 5 x 3 grid plus 2 editors)
  • Have auto-loading urls (i.e. intranet pages load in IE automatically)
    • Delay auto-loading a url if requested
  • Gracefully take over Default browser
  • Flexibility of choice.
  • See Ideas List for more

Longer term goals

  • Integrate into the explorer shell to load a browser or editor directly from the context menu

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